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Quad Foam Rolling

Quad Release / Foam Rolling

Quadriceps Release – Foam Rolling Quads with Active Release. If you sit at a desk or drive for long periods of time then you’ll find your quads and hip flexors will adaptively shorten, become overactive and tight. Ideally, each day after sitting you would want to conteract this with some self administered soft tissue work…

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ITB Foam Rolling

ITB Release / Foam Rolling

If your a runner or even if you just suffer from knee pain or lateral thigh pain then you’ll likely find your ITBs will be tight and tender. You may even find some areas of tension (knots / myofascial trigger points) within the ITB itself. Ideally, you would want to use some form self administered…

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Foam Rolling Upper Back

Upper Back Foam Rolling

Tx Foam Rolling

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