The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury and Optimising Correct Posture

All healthcare professionals worldwide agree that a balanced postural system enhances health and function, and the opposite holds true, that without proper postural alignment the body degenerates at an accelerated rate.

Good Posture therefore, is a fundamental component to optimal health.

What many people may not know, is that we are actually putting our bodies at risk for early onset of degeneration if we don't take care of our posture.Our bodies were simply not designed to withstand the postural habits of todays society.

The Perfect Posture Program Combines 3 Core Postural Correction Components for Superior Postural Correction Results.


1.Spinal Re-Alignment and Postural Balance
2.Postural Rehabilitation
3.Postural Habit Re-Education

What's Included

  • Digital Postural Analysis

    Revolutionary Digital Postural Analysis using Posture Pro Digital Scanning Software, quick and effectively identifies postural distortion patterns.

  • Full Orthopaedic, Neurological and Chiropractic Assessment

    Your Posture Expert will take a full case history, previous health history, and conduct a thorough neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic specific examination, in order to identify any postural distortion patterns and the underlying cause of your complaint.

  • 12 Chiropractic Specific Treatment Sessions

    Chiropractic focuses on improving the function of your spine and pelvis, helping your nervous system and muscular system to function at its best. This helps improve flexibility and posture, makes it easier for your body to deal and cope with stresses of daily life and increase performance and wellness.

  • Straighten Up: Perfect Posture Guide Book

    The Ultimate Guide to Postural Habit Re-Education and Long Term Postural Hygiene

  • Complete 12 Week Perfect Posture Rehabilitation Plan

    The Ultimate Postural Rehabilitation Program to Resolving Pain, Correcting Posture and Optimising a Healthy Lifestyle.

  • Complete Collection of Workout & Exercises Videos

    The Complete collection of all exercise and workout videos needed to complete the entire 12 Week Straighten UP Perfect Posture Exercise Program

  • Full Postural Correction Workout Video

    A 20 Minute Full Body Postural Correction Workout that will complete your postural transformation.

  • All Access Pass to Members Only Website

    Lifestime All Pass Access to the members only area, to include all the information listed here,  multiple bonuses and lifetime updates.

  • Core WODs

    Bulletproof Your Core with these Core Workouts – 3 Levels of Workouts to Suit All Needs.

    Level 1 – Beginner

    Level 2 – Intermediate

    Level 3 – Advanced

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Meet Your Posture Experts

Alex Eatly

Dr Alex Eatly is a Sports Chiropractor holding a Masters of Chiropractic from The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. Recognised as one of the premier chiropractors in the North West, Alex has established a reputation for fast effective pain relief, injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement by combining not only Chiropractic but also his experience and knowledge in Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Therapy, Dry Needling (Acupuncture), Active Release Techniques, Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screening, Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilisation and Sports Injury Rehabilitation.

Dzvenislava Zadvirna

Dez Graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with a Masters Degree with additional post graduate training in Acupuncture / Dry Needling.

With both parents having practised medicine Dez naturally developed a keen interest in health and general wellness. What initially drew Dez to chiropractic was its all encompassing approach in supporting musculoskeletal pain management.

Later, Dez realised that to achieve truly optimal results, diet, exercise, stress along with other factors need to be considered. By Addressing the above along side chiropractic care, the benefits can be long lasting. Dez is passionate about helping people enhance their health and wellbeing all round, treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including neck / lower back pain and headaches. Other special interests include pregnancy care.

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